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“NO” call to the constitution proposal from founding members of AKP

AKP charter members, Abdullatif Sener and Ertugrul Yalcinbayir urged MPs to say “NO” to constitution proposal or withdraw the proposal.

They said “Turkey struggles especially with terror and economic crises and adding presidential discussions top of existing problems will create serious consequences.” Sener and Yalcinbayir have pleaded to AKP’s MPs to withdraw the proposal in order to calm Turkey down.

According to T24, Sener reminded that “Turkey is having troubles in many areas and there are a lot to do to liberate Turkey from these problems. First, the constitution proposal should be withdrawn from the parliament where it is talked. There is no good that will come to Turkey but there is much harm. We should be stay away from the things that will cause polarization within the society”.

“Turkey should be normalized urgently”

Sener argued that there are many changes in the proposed constitution that will add further anxiety on foreign investors and Turkey should be normalize urgently. In order to dispel economic and politic problems, the proposal should be withdrawn, if not, MPs should act responsibly and say “NO” by think the Turkey.

“The Executives and MPs inside of AKP are uncomfortable” 

Yalcinbayir claimed that the proposal creates division not unity among people. He said “I talked to many executives and MPs of AKP and many of them are very uncomfortable and don’t know what will happen, they are nervous. People who have worked at various senior positions in governments are also anxious. This was not the philosophy of AKP at the beginning. They can’t do the constitution change the way they do. It can be done in a democratic debate. Also it is not the time for it. It is not making Turkey unity bit it is making it polarize”.

By Thursday night, 7th article of 18 have passed in the second in Turkish Parliament.

Translation: Oznur Kaya

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