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Independent Deputy Aylin Nazlıaka’s ‘handcuffing’ protest in parliament ended up with scuffle

Independent deputy Aylin Nazlıaka came to the podium during the second round of the constitutional amendment proposal and handcuffed herself to the rostrum.

The proposal for a constitutional amendment began to be discussed in Parliament on January 9th, 2017 . Eight items were accepted in the second round of the proposal, which was accepted in the first round of the proposal and talks for the rest of the proposals are underway.

Independent deputy who is also CHP ex-MP, Ms. Aylin Nazlıaka, who came to the podium to make a speech on Thursday while looking at the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) seats, said, “I urge you to take ownership of the Atatürk’s republic.” and suggested them to vote “NO” to constitutional amendment.

Nazlıaka then handcuffed herself to the microphone at the podium. Then, Parliamentary vice-president Ayşenur Bahçekapılı gave a 10 minutes break. Since Nazlıaka’s protest continued, Bahçekapılı gave a 45 minutes break. The Republican People’s Party (CHP)’s deputies tried to convince Nazlıaka to leave the podium. At the same time some of Justice and Development Party (AKP)’s deputies headed towards Nazlıaka, AKP group leader Mustafa Elitaş come between them and keep them away. People’s democratic party (HDP)’s women deputies went into a huddle around Nazlıaka.

Nazlıaka yelled at Mr Bahçeli the MHP leader and said “Let the parliamentarians vote freely”.

CHP’s Istanbul deputy Barış Yarkadaş, who participated in the Halk TV broadcast, said that Nazlıaka was uncuffed by AKP’s female deputies. Unal Kaya from CNN Turk reported that also the microphone was dismantled.

During the discussion, women parliamentarians of AKP and HDP get into a fight. Mainwhile, CHP’s Safak Pavey fell to the floor and Aylin Nazlıaka was taken to the opposition’s lobby.

HDP MP Ms. Pervin Buldan, on the other hand, was hospitalized after getting hit on the chest during scuffle.

Later Nazlıaka who was expelled from the General Assembly said “The sad thing is that those who intervened with me were AKP’s women parliamentarians. But before the proclamation of the republic, we ,as women, were ignored and we could not even vote. They are trying to change the regime which ensures that both they and us can be parliamentarians. They pulled my hair, Mrs. Şafak fell down. I have made this protest to give a message especially to the MHP’s parliamentarians and to draw their attention “.


Onur Ercan

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