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Baykal Steps Up Warnings Before The Critical Voting: Gaddafi, Saddam, and Assad are the examples

Baykal Steps Up Warnings Before The Critical Voting: Gaddafi, Saddam, and Assad are the examples

After voicing concerns before the first round of voting on the constitutional amendments, Deniz Baykal, the former leader of the main opposition party stepped up on his warning before the second round is voted today.

Baykal, who talked to Fatih Erboz from Yeniçag News, said “If constitutional amendments are approved by the Parliament, then it will not serve to bring democracy to Turkey, but it will rather move her closer to the dictatorships akin that of in Middle East”

Baykal said ” The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is on the edge of an important decision. This offer resembles none of the past constitutional amendments. It will have significant impact on the nature of the Assembly. It introduces a partner to Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Turkish Nation. Instead of governance through the Assembly and national will, it sets the ground to a one-man rule.

The former leader of the Republican National Party continued;

“The parliament is pruned of its authority. Its legislative prerogatives have been shared. Its authority of forming a government has been revoked. Its power of giving approval to the governments and overturn the governments are taken away. Assembly has been turned into an advisory council as it was on the period of September 12th (referring to the 1980 Military Coup period). It has been turned into an assembly to support a “one-man” who will excercise sovereignty instead of the assembly just like the after-coup period in 1980’s where the military excercised sovereignty and the Assembly was merely a support to the military. Now, again only an advisory council that supports the personal authority that is elected quinquennial without the power of supervision or any limitation to it.  This second round voting is our last opportunity to show that Grand National Assembly of Turkey stands up on its legacy.”

Like a Trojan Horse

Baykal who says ” The castle has been subjugated from the inside” said this:

“President has subjugated the Assembly from inside. He brought it to its hills via the party in power like a trojan horse. Will of Assembly has been taken hostage by the control of president.  It doesn’t need the approval or support of anybody. He cannot be questioned. He applies executory power without answering to anybody. He can spend and control the more than 700 billion size of the budget freely. Well, how can we sue him when we know he is wrong? With 400 members? Of which assembly? With the Assembly which the governing party is predominating and the president is the chairman of this party? Let’s suppose that we have 400 members decided to impeach him. Who will judge him? The constitutional court that 12 of 15 members are assigned by directly the president himself?

Let’s be Honest

“The parliament members who support the party in power certainly know that this is wrong. Unfortunately, our Assembly has long lost its virtue to call it out something is wrong. This was prepared without discussions. Who prepared it is not known. Nobody owns it because nobody has the pride of owning it. Orhan Ardıkaçı owned even The 12th September Constitution by calling it the best of the time. Why does nobody own this one? Why? Because everybody is ashamed of it”

This Constitution Creates Gaddafi

Baykal said ” This will be a defective birth. If the Assembly approves, it will be a defective constitution. An assembly that supports a defective constitution will make itself questionable.”

“As I have mentioned, this is the last exit before the bridge for Assembly. The Assembly is on the edge of betrayal to its own history. This Assembly has drafted a constitution that will not bring Turkey to democracy but rather to the brink of dictatorships of Middle East. This constitution creates Gaddafi, Saddam, and Assad. This constitution cannot create a president who aswers to a democratic country. It is far from setting up for stability or peace.”

Kumsal Öz


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