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We are in a State of Aggravated Arrest

Utku Çakırözer of the CHP visited the journalists in Silivri. Murat Sabuncu, our editor-in-chief, said that they were not allowed to talk to anyone more than 2 hours a week, saying “We are experiencing aggravated detention”.

CHP Eskisehir deputy Utku Çakırözer visited some of the jailed journalists in the Silivri Prison. Murat Sabuncu, editor-in-chief of our newspaper, said that they had not been seen by anyone except 2 hours in a week and said “We are experiencing aggravated detention”. Journalist writer Hüsnü Mahalli, who was held at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty for the treatment, said, “There are all the conditions that I should not have for my illness. The arrested journalists demanded the completion of the investigation and the preparation of the indictment. Çakırözer stated that he conveyed to the Ministry of Justice the conditions journalists had found. “I interviewed Bakırköy Chief Prosecutor about the situation of Hüsnü Mahalli. He must first be pending trial. If this does not happen, his room needs to be better, considering the illness. The gendarmes should wait at the door, not inside. The indictment of other journalists needs to be prepared as soon as possible.”he said. Following the visits of Çakırözer, Silivri and Cerrahpaşa, he shared the statements of the journalists with the Cumhuriyet:

2 Hours per Week

Murat Sabuncu: In a week, 168 hours, 2 hours apart we are not seen with anyone. I can only talk to my lawyer for one hour and my wife for an hour. My right to talk with my 3 friends is also not implemented. Also, there is no letter exchange. The phone is limited to ten minutes every two weeks. We also do not have the right to chat. We are in a state of aggravated arrest. We want to prepare the indictment and go up against the judge as soon as possible.

Fabricated Terms

Akın Atalay: The charges against us are unclear. Not being a member of the terrorist organization, we are accused of activity on behalf of the organization. There is no crime of activity on behalf of the organization. However, there is a material offense in the TCK on behalf of the organization. Since we did not have any action for this, the “activity” term is fabricated.

As Soon as Possible

Kadri Gürsel: We are waiting for the indictment to come out as soon as possible.

We must be Brave

Ahmet Şık: I heard about Reina’s attack 6 days later. What I do is journalism. Journalists have to be brave. He who is not brave loses his honor.

Five People in a Room

Hüsnü Mahalli: I am a MS patient. Stress is at the forefront of the biggest factors that trigger this disease. Also, the environment must be sterile. But now two gendarmes are waiting for 24 hours in my room. It sometimes goes up to 3. I also have to stay with 5 people in a small room if I have an execution guard. There is no shower in the room. I can use the shower in the corridor with other patients. I mean, there’s everything I should not have for my illness.

Can not Reach the Prosecutor for Six Months

Şahin Alpay:We have been detained for six months. We have not seen any prosecutor’s face for 6 months. After the statement in the police headquarters, we were brought directly to court and arrested. I am Silivri’s oldest prisoner right now. I’m 73 years old. The writings I wrote are not related to the FETO. We want the indictment prepared.


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