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Turkey working to establish domestic data centers to store social media orgs data

Turkey aims to keep citizens’ information more secure through planned domestic data centers.

Turkey’s top communications authority has been working to establish domestic data centers in the country, communications minister told Anadolu Agency Monday.

Ahmet Arslan, the minister of transport, maritime and communications, said the ministry’s Directorate General of Communications is currently working to nationalize the country’s informatics infrastructure.

The minister said the move will pave the way for keeping the data within the country.

“By storing the data of social media organizations like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in our country, we will make information of our citizens more secure.

“We will also be able to prevent the circulation of the data abroad, which includes the personal tendencies of the Turkish people,” the minister said.

In his remarks, Arslan also said the domestic data centers were essential to ward off cyber-attacks.

“We have to be always prepared for cyber attacks, and constantly renew and update ourselves in line with the evolving software technologies.

“At this point, nationalization of our informatics infrastructure bears great importance,” the minister said.

Arslan added that the data centers will generate new job opportunities for Turkish people in software sector.


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