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Details on Gulen Group (FETO) in Coup Indictment

Loyalty Test via Dosage of Narcosis

According to the indictment by Chief Prosecutor of Istanbul, People who are in the organization are subjected to a narcosis test given by “sisters and brother, and the loyalty test is measured by dosage of narcosis given by the organization.”

In the indictment of July 15 coup plot for Air Force Academy-Kavacik, there are very striking claims regarding to the inside mechanism of the FETO (Gulen) organization. According to the indictment, people are declared a traitor if they don’t obey commands then the organization turns their life upside down.


“Measuring the dosage of Narcosis”

One of the interesting parts of the indictment is consist of the “loyalty test”. A member of the organization can pass the loyalty test if they show resistance under the pressure and the threat. If a member passes this test, doors open them and everybody trusts them. Loyalty test is to measure of narcosis dosage given by the organization. If one can’t pass the loyalty test, the organization continues to train them till they pass the test or they leave the organization as a sympathizer of the organization.

No Receipts

One of the most interesting parts of the indictment contains organization’s broadcasting and forming models. Hierarchy of  “FETO/PDY” is much better than the military discipline. “Hierarchical order is consist of Provincial imam, state’s imam, large regional imam and small regional imam. Imams are responsible of money and anything related to money. Accountant of the big region collects small regions’ money. There are accountants of each big region, provinces. There are no receipts for the money they collect. There are unlimited trust on the accountants and the provincial imam.”

Gulen went around Anatolia to urge people to obey US and NATO

According to the indictment, given that FETO leader Fetullah Gulen supported 12 September, 1980 Military Coup, “while junta’s leader Kenan Evren going around cities with a Kuran in his hand and reading suras, on the other hand Fethullah Gulen went to Anatolia step by steep and urge people how important to obey coup, NATO’s, US’ and leaders’ orders.”


Translated by Oznur Kaya

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