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Details of the Operation on Reina Suspect

The suspected terrorist who killed 39 people in Ortaköy was under the watchful eye of the security forces. The teams that were waiting for the prime suspect to contact another person who had operated with suspect terrorist.

The suspect who killed 39 people in the nightclub Reina in Ortaköy was caught in the Esenyurt. According to information obtained, the suspect was under surveillance in the region of Esenyurt. The security forces were waiting for the ISIS suspected terrorist to contact another person. The suspect and the person he contacted were taken into police custody and detained.

According to security sources, the attacker, who was in the apartment on the 5th floor of a building in a Esenyurt tried to hide under the bed when police raided. The terrorist caught without armed conflict.

A site resident said, “We were sitting in the house, it was noisy, the cops were climbing up quickly, and then the screaming “get on the ground” came in. Police said he was the Reina attacker. They took the man away.”

Another site residant said, “I heard the noise at 23:43, I thought there was a fight, I called  155 police and then I noticed that the Special Forces were in operation, afterwards three women, one black and one 3-4 year old was taken away.”

The Mystery of Three Women Solved

A special team of 1,000 people was set up by the Istanbul Police Department for the arrest of Masharipov, who was the survivor of the last four operations that the police had previously conducted. Masharipov was arrested at 911 Street in Esenyurt in the evening and four more were detained. It was learned that 1 of the detainees were Kyrgyz-born men and 3 were women of Egypt, Senegal and Somalia.

The suspect who believed to have killed 39 people in the nightclub Reina in Ortaköy, Istanbul was caught at an ISIS terrorist’s home in Esenyurt. It was determined that three women caught in the same house with the attacker were from 3 African countries. It was learned that the terrorists used the women of African descent who came to join ISIS to distract the site they were staying in, and that their shopping needs were seen by these women.




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