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Turkish Islamist Columnist claims: Violence during July 15th Coup attempt due to they are being Armenian ringleaders


The role of Armenians in the coup attempt of July 15

Turkey’s leading Islamist paper re-published Yenisoz columnist Hasret Yıldırım’s column in which Ms. Yıldırım wrote about ‘crypto Armenians’s role in July 15 Coup attempt’:

 Two and a half months after the failed coup attempt in Turkey. During this time, writers and journalists discussed about different aspects of the attempt. One of this aspect brought a new dimension to the discussion. In a TV program of the 20th of July, the historian Kadir Misiroglu said:

“I Believe that the violence of the coup attempt is because of the ringleaders were Armenians. I am talking to the judge and the prosecutor that will conduct this case.. I am not a racist. I do not have anything to say if an Armenian obeys the rules of the country. However, there are some hidden Armenians in this country.

For the first time, Kazim Karabekir took 3,000 Armenians children to the army after the Armenian events. I am not saying that Karabekir had a bad intention. He looked at them as Janissaries. That was before the Kemalist revolution when there was an Islamic lifestyle in Turkey.

He thought that the children could become enemies and he could assimilate them. If you remove the religion, you cannot assimilate them. The children knew that they were Armenians. They grew up with the feeling of revenge. […] The Armenian Patriarch Atesyan says that there are 100,000 Armenians living as Kurdish in Anatolia. Some say that there are 1,000,000 of them in Turkey. The Armenian children who were in the army are not alive anymore but there is another truth.

The daughter of Kazim Karabekir said that: “The children of the Armenians that my father inserted to the army became also officer; They come visit us sometime and talk about my father as Pasha father and Mother about me.” Now, how can we know that there no more Armenians among them. Because we are such a nation that even for war prisoners, we have not done what these revolutionaries did to people.

We give back the enemy commander’s sword and we treat him as a guest. You can study history, how the Turkish army treated Trikopis.. Turkish Muslim officers cannot do something that they have not done to their enemies attacking their country.”

The Armenian Officer of the 27th of May 1960

There is a good reason to believe that Misiroglu’s theory has to be taken seriously, that is one of his memory that he explains in his last book about Colonel Haydar Tunckanat:

“Alparslan Turkes told me once: ‘Do you know who is Haydar Tunckanat? As you know, Kazim Karaabekir helped Armenian children study in army schools without having any bad intentions. […] Haydar Tunckanat is one of them.’”

This Colonel used some words that Muslim cannot say, he defended the Azan to be recited in Turkish whilst the parliament voted to be recited in Arabic as it is in the tradition. In his memories, Tunckanat says that “Bilal Habesi was reciting Azan in Arabic in our Prophet’s time. Azan is not in the Qur’an. It is nice in Turkish and I believe that that it is logical that Turkish Muslims recites Azan in Turkish for the calling. The decision of the committee to keep the Azan in Arabic does not respect its revolutionary ideas.”

The hidden Armenians who said hit the Herons down

Another event that happened 6 years ago involved the Armenians officers: “An officer who was in contact with terrorists of the PKK contacted another officer saying that there many loss from their side talking about the terrorists and he asked for the herons to be taken down or to change the coordinates. This discussion happened in 2007. It is the Turkish intelligence MIT that detected the scandal and informed the Turkish Land Commanders about it. The prosecutor Naci Dalkilic, discovered that the officer who asked for the herons to be taken down was the Pilot Firat c., and the one who replied ‘we will find a solution’ was the pilot Selami Selcuk C.

In another news that came out the !5th of July, interesting connections and relationships are pointed out. The officer who serve Armenian ideals and said “our men’ about the terrorists of the PKK is the senior lieutenant who ordered officers to hit the herons down. It is not surprising when you look at what happened during the coup attempt of July 15. The interesting connections are completely clear now when you consider that the one who ordered the coup is Fetullah Gulen who’s father is Armenian and is Jew from his mother side and when you see how lower grade officers gave order to higher ranked officers because of their ‘imam’ grades.

We do not have any problems with anyone. There are just some truth and claims that needs to be pointed out. We are waiting for the responsible to take action. Do not forget! What our master said in 1995: “After a while, everyone will insult and tell him you cannot be an imam! If I say this today, it is because my destiny is to predict some of the things that will happen in the future. The imam is betraying Allah’s cause, Allah will destroy him..”


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