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“Turkey’s new system has a capability to stop even atomic bombs” claims Islamist AKIT


Turkey has passed a new stage on national defense systems. For providing low and medium altitude air defense of the Land Forces Command, the “Motor Carriage Air Defense System KORKUT”, which was started to be developed in 2010 by Aselsan, has successfully completed the shooting tests which are the last stage of development. This model is far better than similar ones in the wold, it even has a capability of stopping atamic bombs.


The last of the ongoing tests of “Korkut AIC” (Air Defense Fire Management Device) project was done in the field of Shooting, Testing and Evaluation Group Command of the Ministry of National Defense in Karapınar, Konya.


Nearly a month and a half ago, in tests KORKUT AIC has located the target aircraft taken from catapult by the domestic radar system detected which is developed by Aselsan and successfully hit.


KORKUT will serve as the team of 3 Weapon System Vehicle (SSA) and 1 Command Control Vehicle (KKA) In the first stage, a total of 42 Weapon System Vehicle [SSA] and 14 Command Control Vehicle will be supplied from Aselsan.


KORKUT, which shooting technology developed by MKE, consists of two 35 mm guns and capable of shooting in motion, shoots 1100 rounds per minute. It is also possible to use 35 mm particulate ammunition that breaks up in the air. It’s range is 4 kilometers.

AKIT updates & erases atomic bomb

Akit, few hours later changed the news item and take out the part it claims the KORKUT has a capability of stopping atomic bombs and changed into “KORKUT got much better comparing its rivals.”


Translation: Onur Ercan

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