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Reina Attack Suspect’s Links to ISIS Leader of Istanbul Revealed

20 suspects were arrested in İzmir for alleged ISIS membership. These suspects have been linked to H.A, who is allegedly the Istanbul emir of ISIS, who was detained in Istanbul on the Reina massacre.

Izmir Province’s Buca and Bornova District Police Department Anti-Terrorism Branch teams organized the operation on January 4th. There were 20 suspects,11 female and 9 male, allegedly linked to a terrorist attack in Ortaköy. The suspects who were claimed to be members of ISIS and 20 children by their side were taken to the police station.
A suspect insisted that he was “Syrian citizen”. Then it turned out that this person was Moroccan from the Arabic accent. There is also uncertainty as where are the suspects from  with fake passports and identity information. Intelligence units are in contact with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, East Turkestan, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan and some countries in Europe to determine the exact identity of these persons. The fingerprints of the suspects were also shared with the countries in question.

Communication Records Strong Evidence

Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Branch teams claimed the suspects who  stayed together in a cell house in Konya with the terrorist who carried out the attack in Ortaköy and they are in touch with the commander of ISIS Istanbul who is still in custody. The HTS records obtained from phone talks are seen as strong evidence that these suspects are in communicating with so-called emirate, taking part in the same cell organization with the terrorist code “Ebu Muhammed El Horasani” who carried out the attack in Ortaköy. The teams that deepen the investigation in this direction.

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