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Group of Headmen in Turkey cleaned their mucus with (fake) dollars to protest enemies

Protests in Turkey are getting bizarre by each day.

Village and Neighborhood Heads of the Association of Professional Solidarity Association Abdulkadir Geylani Tas responded to the rise in the Dollar by cleaning their nose with a Dollar.

Group of Headmen carried signs saying, “ You are not alone Reis (a.k.a Recep Tayyip Erogan), Adiyaman is with you” and “exchange your currency, end the game”. They cleaned their mucus with the dollars and then burned them. They also said the dollars they burned are “fake”.

Headmen also said that “Global powers put economic pressure on our country by raising the value of the dollar but we will not sell our country out for dollar. As our president stated “People who buy dollars are traitors”. We can sell our bed, we can sell our duvet but we won’t sell our country. Turks must sell their dollars and golds. If people value their dignity and character with dollar, then I spit their honor”.

President Erdogan, on Monday, made another statement regarding rising exchange rate of dollars and said that “they are using exchange rate as a weapon to come at us. We are producing alternatives to these attacks. There is no economic rationality, basis or logical explanation for this rising exchange rate. This foreign currency scenario will blow black to those who enforce on us.”

Compiled by Oznur Kaya

Sources: Odatv, Iha

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