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Fmr Mosul Consul to AKP: You sold me out to ISIS


Main Opposition Party CHP’s president’s advisor,  Öztürk Yılmaz who was kidnapped by ISIS 2.5 years ago while on duty as the counsul of Turkey to Mosul, declared that the government “sold him out” in Mosul episode, and now selling out Northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus during the Cyprus talks in Geneva. His statement caused uproar in the Turkish parliament.


Some AKP parliament members told Yılmaz “Turkish state saved you from ISIS and didn’t give you away. We won’t give away Cyprus too!” to which Yılmaz answered “You sold me out to ISIS. You didn’t save me. You delivered me to them. What the hell are you talking about?”

Here is the back-and-forth between former Consular, current MP Ozturk and some other AKP MPs, at the Turkish Parliament during Mr. Ozturk’s speech. (Reported by Hurriyet’s Turan Yilmaz)


Yılmaz (MP & Advisor of CHP President) :The president (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) announced it but in the maps given in Geneva Northern Cyprus is reduced to 29,2%, and the Greek Cypriots still want more territory. Everyone heard that they will place 100,000 Greek Cypriots on these areas taken from the Turkish Cypriots. Furthermore, everyone knows that 50-60 thousand Greek Cypriots are going to come back to Northern Cyprus as part of reparations. What are you hiding? Just tell them we’re not giving it away and kick the table.


Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı (AKP MP): We’re not giving it, we’re not giving it.


Yılmaz: You are. You are quite literally selling Cyprus.  


Çamlı: We took it, we’re also not giving it.


Nihat Öztürk (AKP MP): Like we saved you. Be relaxed.


Çamlı: The state that saved you from your embassy will not give away Cyprus neither.


Yılmaz: You sold me out. What saving you are talking about? Don’t get me talking.


Özturk: Did you escape on your own?


Yılmaz: You delivered me to them. Don’t get me talking! You are a disrespectful man!

Translation: Denizalp Goktas

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