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The Era of “White Hackers” in Turkey: Whoever “hacks” will be employed by Turkish Government


Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) is going to employ “legal hackers” at the government agencies. The number of applications for positions have already reached to 25 thousands.

Fatih Sayan, President of BTK, spoke to Hacer Boyacioglu from Hurriyet and said that the applicants who will be employed are going to be undergone an “online” test.

He stated that there are close to 25 thousands of application and 15 percent of them are the people whose ages are between 13-18 years old and he continued:

“There will be an online testing center that will be established by us. We will ask them to hack the targets and take over these targets. This will show us their skills”.

“White Hackers”

Successful hackers will be given a gold coin and will be employed. Fatih Sayan said, “ They will work as white hackers. Also we will train them. For that, we will set up a platform and arrange education camps. Right now, we have cyber intervention teams at 528 public institutions. We will give white hackers opportunity to be part of cyber intervention teams and we will continue to employ them as they show their skills. Our other aim is to convert their experience and talent into positive contribution.”

Translation: Oznur Kaya

Hurriyet & Diken

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