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Three mukhtars (headmen) were dismissed because of their social media posts

Three mukhtars (headmen) were dismissed because of their social media posts

One of the mukhtars was asked why he made Demirtaş’s photo as his profile photo (on his social media account).


In the Bismil District of Diyarbakır, three neighborhood mukhtars were dismissed by district governor with the reason that they shared some photos on the social media.

According to daily Evrensel, a leftist newspaper, Mr. Alaattin Tekin, Esentepe Neighborhood Mukhtar, Mr. Mürsel Zorooğlu, Altıok Neighborhood Mukhtar, Mr. Mehmet Bayındır, Sanayi Neighborhood Mukhtar, were called to Bismil District Police Department on November 5, 2016 where their statements taken due to their social media shares.

In the Police Department, Mr. Tekin was asked why he shared certain photos on social media. One of questions he was asked about his mother Cevahir Tekin’s photo in which she appeared green-red-yellow scarf on her neck with a victory sign (her mother died 3 years ago),  a photo taken in Rojava and a photo of a peshmerga reading the Koran. After the police investigation, Tekin and other two mukhtars were dismissed by Turgay Gülenç, Bismil District Governor, because their social media shares counted as “terrorist propaganda”. Assistants were appointed to replace mukhtars.

The photo of Demirtaş..

Mehmet Bayındır, Sanayi Neighborhood Mukhtar for about 10 years, was also asked about similar social media photos shares, at the police department. He was asked about a photo Abdullah Beğik (Mele Abdullaye Timoki) took with PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and another one was HDP Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş’s photo.  Bayındır was dismissed after these shares. He stated that the most shares belonged to the period of peace process and these crimes are unacceptable.

As a result of the investigation of the police department of Bismil District, The mukhtars were called by Bismil District Governor’s Office and said as a result of investigations, they were dismissed from their elected post for making ‘terrorist propaganda.’

Assistant İsmail Nergiz was assigned as Esentepe Neighborhood Mukhtar , Assistant Hamdullah Balta was assigned as Altıok Neighborhood Mukhtar and Assistant Şakir Yıldırım was assigned as Sanayi Neighborhood Mukhtar”

Translation: Duru Behar


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