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MP Paylan punished for using the word of genocide at parliament

Turkey’s Nationalist Party, MHP threaten to withdraw the support for Constitutional Amendment Package after pro-Kurdish, leftist HDP MP Garo Paylan raised the issue of Armenian Genocide at the Parliamentary podium.

Istanbul deputy Garo Paylan has said opposition MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) threatened ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) to withdraw to support for Constitutional Amendment Package in the case of him not getting punished for the word he used at the Parliament. MHP also insisted upon discarding the word, “genocide”, from the official records, told Paylan.

HDP (People’s Democratic Party) law-maker Paylan urged prosecutors to act against unilateral Constitutional Amendment Package.

“After making a call to members of the Parliament that we should face up to the past, the meeting was adjourned for one-and-half hour. In the meantime, AKP and MHP delegates discussed for imposing penalty on me,” said Paylan during a general assembly in TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey), while adding that the same mistake is happening today in the form of “Turkish Constitution.”

Paylan punished by being prohibited from attending the parliamentary discussions for 3 consequent meetings. Paylan said ”I said the word of genocide many times in the past at the parliament. I never received a reaction like that.”

Paylan also stated “My words said that the same mistakes would not be made. I call the disasters that happened to people genocide. I said let’s we all name it and face with it.”

Translation: Melih İlker Güngör


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