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AKP deputy on constitutional changes: We will ask for the account of 200 years

AKP deputy: We will ask for the account of last 200 years


Speaking on the AKP’s “Presidency Draft”, AKP deputy Metin Külünk, who is also known to be close ally of President Erdogan, made some interesting remarks.


AKP Istanbul deputy Metin Külünk spoke to the “Diriliş postası” newspaper known closely aligned with the ruling authorities.


In the newspaper report on the AKP’s “Presidency Draft”, Metin Külünk said regarding the Presidency as follows:


“the presidential system will break the bureaucratic oligarchy. The bureaucratism began to take over the country with the charter of alliance (Sened-i ittifak) in 1808 and it occupied it with the 1960 revolution.” Külünk said by bringing the presidential system ”last 200 years would be accounted.”

AKP responded to the criticism of the opposition in the form of “regime change” for the “Presidency Draft” by saying “it is not accurate”. When discussing whether the design is a “regime change”, Metin Külünk, on the other hand, stated new presidential system ”will ask for the account of 200 years”.


How did the deputy come to the agenda before?

Külünk is remembered by his physical fights at the parliament, his statements about the 17 December operation and the insults he made against a journalist.


Metin Külünk is also remembered by his participation in the program of Balçiçek İlter in Habertürk in March 2014 and his memorable quotes that “Allah has given man liberty to commit sin” regarding bribery and corruption on December 17.


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