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Erdogan: Turkey fights with terrorists holding dollars and terrorists holding weapons

President Erdogan “There is no difference between the terrorist that hold the gun or dollar in the hand.”

Speaking to a group of headmen in Presidential Complex, President Tayyip Erdogan made statements regarding of the rising exchange rate. Erdogan emphasized that the government tries to take its own measures against armed and economic terrorist attacks, and demanded from headmen and people to continue exchange foreign currency into Turkish lira. President Erdogan said, “Everyone already sees and knows that there is an economic dimension of attacks against Turkey.” And he continued, ” There is no difference in purpose of the terrorist holding  the weapon or the bomb in hand, or the terrorist holding dollar, Euro, or interest in the hand. The aim is to move Turkey away from its targets, and they use foreign exchange as a weapon.”

President Erdogan repeated his call to exchange foreign currency as he did beginning of December, 2016. Turkish lira lost almost 25 percent of its value against US dollar in last 4 months. Erdogan said “It is clear that the speculation over the currency does not have a depth, and the exchange rates are raised by very small numbers and even more on paper. The nation, on the other hand, by selling foreign currency, was able to cut off the first wave attack that launched the day after July 15th. I would like to ask you to continue on this road. Today we must keep the same attitude. Our Central Bank and all our banks should also take a position to disrupt this game. Our Central Bank has possibilities and capabilities to take necessary measures. If one is going to make sacrifices, today is the day. We should act in the spirit of national mobilization against efforts to demolish the economy with armed and bombed actions of the terrorist organizations.”

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