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Claim: Various FSA factions caught carrying ammunitions to ISIS in Al Bab

Nationalist Turkish daily Yeni Çağ’s columnist Ahmet Takan who is known with his good sources in the Military as well as in the state, claimed in his Friday column that some some FSA groups have betrayed the Turkish-led offensive around northern city of Al-Bab, Syria.
Takan writes based on his military sources;
“Date; January 8, 2017
 Time; Around 09:00Pm
 Location;  10 km south of Al-Bab, Akterin village.
Turkmens who are fighting for the Turkmens in the region get intel about the ammunition and explosives shipments to ISIS by some of the treacherous structures in the FSA, and they take action. They did an operation against two bit size trucks and seized military ammunition and explosive materials that hidden in trucks.”
Takan also says, ”due to some logistical issues in Al Bab operation, according to the information I obtained from the sources in the General Staff of Turkish Army; since the beginning of January, Turkish Army received around 50 letter of resignation from sergeants, officers and experts who are serving in Al-Bab.” But Turkish authorities, by extending compulsory service, were able to stop them quitting.
Translation: Yusuf Taner

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