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Aggravated life term Sought for HDP deputy, Ferhat Encü

Prosecutor asked ‘aggravated life term’ for HDP Şırnak Deputy Ferhat Encü who has been in jail since last November. The lawsuit is filed against Mr. Encu, claiming that he was in a lynch attempt against the Uludere district governor Naif Yavuz, who came to the Gülyazı Village of Sirnak’s Uludere District after an air strikes killed 34 people, 5 years ago.

The case against Encü was suspended before due to his election to the Parliament and an immunity. MPs immunity were recently lifted at the Parliament for those who have summary of proceedings about them by a prosecution office.

Five days after the arrest of Encü for a different case, previously prepared indictment was combined and sent to Diyarbakir for security reasons from Şırnak High Criminal Court.

Çeviri: Onur Ercan


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