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Twenty-six medical personnel rounded up in Diyarbakir in the post-coup purges


Minister of Labor and Social Security Mehmet Müezzinoğlu said on Turkish television CNN Turk on Monday, January 9, that a total of 135.356 people dismissed from their public job and over 41.000 people were arrested after the failed coup.


Although it is a daily routine to hear of dismissal of people from their jobs and getting arrested these days, one of recent one which took place on Monday requires more attention. Twenty-six medical doctors and academics which includes full time professors and associate professors have been taken into custody in the biggest city of southeastern of Turkey, Diyarbakir. In addition to that, 45 others are going to be questioned on their ties with the Gulen movement, which the Turkish Government calls Fethullah Terrorist Organization, or “FETO.”


Recently Paul Kirby examined consequences of this extensive crackdown on Turkish security forces, especially a long going conflict between PKK and Turkish Government along with the newest threat ISIS in his article published by BBC.  As he explained “ The focus of the crackdown is a shadowy movement described as a “parallel state”, said to owe its allegiance to cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is in self-imposed exile in the US. But as the purge continues, so too do Turkey’s internal security threats. ”  and  “According to one calculation, Turkey suffered 269 attacks in 2016.


Now these purges and security threats seems to threat the health sector in addition to security in Turkey’s pre-dominantly Kurdish southeast. Although Diyarbakir, biggest city of southeastern of Turkey, has a mid-size university and many hospitals, it is not attracting too many quality doctors due to security circumstances and now losing many of its best health personals because of purges.


The Kurdish population now is becoming the one segments of Turkey who suffered most due to the failed coup. After failed coup considerable percentage of Diyarbakir’s teachers were dismissed and consequently the education suffered immensely. In addition to that, Kurdish media as well as co-chairs of Halklarin Demokratik Partisi (HDP) and about a dozen of MPs from the same party detained.
Compiled from Sozcu, T24, BBC by @WasHatti staff

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