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Turkey to make official visit to Israel

Turkish Minister for Justice Bekir Bozdağ announced on Wednesday that Turkey would make an official visit to Israel on February 7-8.

The visit is scheduled to be the first official visit since the normalization of diplomatic ties.

Diplomatic relations have been tense since the Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla left nine Turks dead in 2010. The raid marked the end of normal diplomatic ties, as both countries called their ambassadors home.

In June of last year, a reconciliation agreement was reached after a six year rift. Israel and Turkey started normalizing relations, and in November Israel named Eitan Na’eh as ambassador to Turkey.

Turkey reciprocated, and named Kemal Okem as ambassador to Israel. Okem arrived in Jerusalem in early December of last year.

Turkey’s official visit shows that the reconciliation agreement has been ratified.

FETÖ fugitive Adil Öksüz

Turkey’s second most wanted name after Fetullah Gülen, who orchestrated Turkey’s July 15 coup plot, is Adil Öksüz.

“I believe that Adil Öksüz is being hidden by someone. They are waiting for the right time to smuggle him [out of the country],” said Minister Bozdağ.

Turkey’s constitutional reform

Minister Bozdağ explained that the legislative and executive branches of government would be separated from each other, strengthening parliament.

“The reform package proposes an increase in the number of members of parliament from 550 to 600. This strengthens the rule of law. The people will vote separately for the President and legislative council,” he said.

The Minister also addressed Turkey’s state of emergency, which will be extended as of January 19 for 90 days. The state of emergency was declared following the failed coup attempt of July 15.

“A constitutional change can be implemented while the state of emergency continues. This is being done so the terrorist organization that caused the state of emergency can be cleared from government,” the Minister said.

“The state of emergency has not impacted the daily lives of our citizens. It has impacted terrorist organizations and those who do business with them.”


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