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TAK claims responsibility for attack at courthouse in İzmir province of Turkey

Car bomb attack in İzmir, which was followed up with armed clashes, has been claimed by TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons), according to the reports of ANF sources.

Last week on January 5th, courthouse in Bayraklı district of Turkey’s İzmir province was targetted in a terror attack where two cars parked in front of the building were exploded and 3 armed men opened fire at the entrance of the building, causing police officer Fethi Sekin, who fired back in an attempt to stop the attackers, to lose his life. Courthouse employee Musa Can was also killed in clashes. 10 people were wounded.

Two of the attackers, 29 year old Mustafa Çoban with code name Zerdeşt Rüstem Erdal and 25 year old Enes Yıldırım with code name Pirdoğan Ararat were killed in the clashes between the police officers and the attackers. The third suspect ran away, as it was reported.

TAK, a group widely asserted to be a split faction of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), began its terror attack in Turkey more than a decade ago.

TAK claimed responsibility for 8 attacks in 2016 – two attacks in Ankara, three attacks in İstanbul, as well as attacks in Bursa, Diyarbakır, and Kayseri. A total of nearly 150 people, both civilians and security forces, lost their lives as a result of attacks claimed by TAK just in the year of 2016.


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