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Islamist Columnist: “Dollar operation is the continuation of July 15 Coup”

Dilipak: There is an all out war on Turkish Lira, Why does MIT (Turkish Intelligence agency) stand by? when will they do an operation?

“Dollar operation is the continuation of July 15”

Turkey’s prominent Islamist and pro-government paper Yeni Akit’s leading columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak suggested that the reason behind the historic depreciation of the Turkish Lira against the dollar is the “all out attack”.

On his personal twitter account Dilipak sent several tweets after arguing Turkish Lira’s historic downturn is a well planned operation one is similar to attempted military coup in last July, said: “There is an all-out attack on Turkish Lira. Saudi’s Riyal overtook the Turkish Lira. Fitch is positioned and waiting. What MIT or MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) doing against these attacks?”

In another tweet, Dilipak stated:”Someone is trying to subdue Turkey by the dollar, but this will damage the US and the dollar more than it damages Turkey”.

Dilipak continued his claim in another tweet on Wednesday:

“The dollar operation is the continuation of July 15 (the failed military coup attempt) , when is the operation against those involved in this operation?”

Translation: Yusuf Taner

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