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Lokmacı Sınır Kapısı/Lefkoşe

Critical week for Cyprus

The Cyprus summit of the UN mediation is starting in Geneva.

The president of Northern Cyprus said: “We are very clear about our position in this situation,
We do not want to be annexed by southern Cyprus nor nor do we have any sympathy by becoming the 82. City of the republic of Turkey.”

Akinci added that when there is no acceptable solution Nothern Cyrpus will continue its way to be a democratic,independent  and secular soceity.

The fundamental issues of the Cyrpus negotiation are economy, European Union, property, power sharing of goverments, land, security and gurantees.

The negotiations aimed at solving the problem in Cyprus and ensuring lasting peace and stability in the island took place in the Mont Pelerin township of Switzerland last year in two rounds on 7-11 and 20-21 November.

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