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Assassin of Russian Ambassador protected President Erdogan for 8 times in recent years

Abdulkadir Selvi, who is known for his close ties to the Turkish Government wrote today at this column on Hurriyet that assassin of Russian Ambassador was in President of Erdogan’s and former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s security detail for 8 times since late 2014.

Selvi also wrote those dates in his daily column:

The “Assignments” of the Russian Ambassador’s assassin policeman, Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş:

He was assigned to be on duty in several events or meetings of President Erdogan and the former Prime Minister Davutoglu:

1-    Karaman visit of President Erdogan and former PM Davutoglu (after the coal mine accident) on October 29-30, 2014.

2-    Konya visit of President Erdogan and former PM Davutoglu, in memory of Rumi, to celebrate the Seb-i Arus ceremonies on December 17-18, 2014.

3-    Two days Bursa trip of Pres. Erdogan on January 6-7, 2015

4-    Sakarya trip of the former PM Ahmet Davutoglu on January 7-8, 2015.

5-    As part of the election rally of PM Davutoglu in Erzurum, he was on the supporting security forces on April 24-25, 2015.

6-    President Erdogan’s Van visit on May 14, 2015 for various opening ceremonies and public speech.

7-    As part of election rally of former PM Davutoglu in Batman, on May 27, 2015.

The assassin was also part of the security force support team in Diyarbakir. His phone records allegedly had logs of communications with “FETO” imams in Izmir and Diyarbakir. The Turkish intelligence is estimating that his “FETO” ties were developed  at İzmir Rüştü Ünsal Police Academy, where he graduated. He was a supporting security force in Diyarbakir between June 11-17, 2016. The other allegation was that he was particularly trained as an assassin by “FETO”, aiming assassinations to President Erdogan or others, to leave Turkey in chaos.

Çeviren: WHattı Maxim Baker

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