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Basaksehir-Zeytinburnu-Ortaköy massacre line

Tahsin Durmuş translated from Tolga Şardan column on Milliyet

New tips are emerging about the terrorist who committed a massacre in the New Year’s Eve. It was determined that the terrorist who was staying in Başakşehir on an apartment complex, went to Ortaköy after meeting his connection in Zeytinburnu that night, changed his taxi 4 times after the massacre and returned back to Zeytinburnu.

[Seven] days have passed since the terrorist act in Ortaköy in the first hours of 2017.

After the first findings pointing to the ISIS, new clues began to be emerging.

Within the scope of the investigation, the camera monitoring team, which was formed in the Anti-Terrorism Branch of the Istanbul Police Department, revealed the process that lead the terrorist to the massacre whose code name was “Abu Muhammad Khorasani” but whose real name was not confirmed yet.

According to the investigation, an apartment was rented in a complex in Basaksehir 3 days before the incident, for Abu Muhammad Khorasani to stay. Despite his connections in Zeytinburnu, the terrorist who came from Konya to Istanbul on 15th of December  stayed in the Basaksehir house rented 3 days before the action. On the New Year’s Eve, He left his Basaksehir house around 17:30 heading to Zeytinburnu in order to go to Ortakoy on Christmas Day. Despite having connections in Zeytinburnu and the surrounding area, why he have stayed in an apartment in Basaksehir lead to question marks.j

The police later on raided this house, but the house was empty. Why he stayed in this house before the incident, and who he met were among the questions arised from the investigation.

Changed taxi 4 times

The activist, code-named Abu Muhammad Horasani, who made his way from Başakşehir alone in the same clothes that was on during the incident, came to Zeytinburnu. Here, the terrorist met who his connection from the Nuripaşa Quarter was identified in a security camera in the neighborhood with his suitcase and a backpack.

The rest is clear. The terrorist has gone to Reina by a taxi cab, arrived at 01:17 and entered Reina at 01:18. He changed his clothes at 01.24 and stayed in the night club.

In the investigations, it was confirmed that the terrorist was evacuated from the scene together with the customers after the incident.

The terrorist who changed taxis 4 times after the attack, left the first cab within 5 minutes distance to Reina and arrived to the shore after passing by the nearby buildings. The terrorist then arrived at Zincirlikuyu Metrobus station, and finally managed to reach a cafe/bar in Zeytinburnu Muratpaşa neighborhood. Abu Muhammad Khorasani spent the night in this place.

Police were able track him up to there. However, the next morning, the terrorist managed to disappear.

Around 10:00 in the morning, the terrorist met with a person who could not be identified yet in front of the cafe. The two walked for a while. Later, another unidentified person arrived with a vehicle,picked up the terrorist leaving the other person behind and disappeared into thin air.

Name on mobile phone

In the meantime, the police have reached a mobile phone used by Abu Muhammad Khorasani. A familiar name was found in the telephone records. This name was nothing but Muhammad Kerim who used the code name Tajik Ilyas. Muhammad Kerim, of Uzbek origin, was detained by the Istanbul Police in early December.

Another record on the phone was Ilyas Mamasharipov – code named Yusuf-, who is also known as the assistant deputy of an important leader in ISIS code named Hoca Aka. İlyas Mamasharipov was taken into custody by the Istanbul Police after the attack in Ortaköy.

The first information provided by Mamasharipov revealed the code name of the terrorist. Additionally, the terrorist was identified to be speaking Arabic, Russian and Uzbek.

According to the investigations, it was determined that he went to Istanbul from Konya by bus on December 15 at 21:30 with another person besides him. The tickets of the two traveling on the seats 27-28 of the bus were in the name of Umumuhamet and Zabiullah. The police are also examining these names.

Did he enter from Agri?

According to a statement given to the police, the terrorist Abu Muhammad Khorasani lived in Pakistan – Livara for a while. He passed from there to Iran. The terrorist was arrested in Iran but succeeded in escaping the camp after a while. Khorasani then entered Turkey illegally through Ağrı with the help of smugglers.

It is stated that the terrorist who lived in Sefaköy for a while in Istanbul, was also referred to as Hodja and taught people who are connected with ISIS. It was also learned that training groups were formed through communication programs called WhatsApp and Telegram for these lessons, which were attended by foreigners as well.

They watch closely

In addition to incident, the terrorist’s disappearing after the incident caused great controversy.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Police Chief Selami Altinok watch the developments very closely. Information about the investigation is immediately communicated to Soylu and Altinok.

Police are making every effort to reach the end by considering every tip about the incident that took place in the New Year’s Eve caused great indignation both domestically and internationally.

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